Scopic Services with its vast experience in offshore software outsourcing. We provide various Engagement Models to clients, we are flexible to offer an option of selecting a combination of these models to suit various phases of the project cycle.

Fixed Price
Fixed Price model is recommended to client when they have a brief requirement of their project and clearly stated. Once we analyse the project requirement, we will provide a Fixed Price and execution of the project is completed within the stated budget.

This model assists you to get the project completed in time and your budget as well with minimal alteration throughout the implementation of the project. For any change in scope the customer has to pay a fixed hourly rate, which was decided at the beginning of the project.

Time & Material
This model is recommended to customer doesn’t know complete scope of project or requirements change dynamically during the project implementation process.

This model is also applied for the maintenance and support projects. The pricing here can be based on hourly basis or on month basis whichever is most convenient to the customers need.

Using our project management and reporting methodology, we ensure that the exact hours spent on the project are reported accurately and transparently and development effort will be billed at the end of week/month based on initial agreement.

Dedicated Resource Model
This model is mainly suited for customer who is looking to hire a dedicated full-time developer or team of developer to work for them on our premises.

We will dedicate number of employees, who will be working on your projects and customer will have the total control on their dedicated developer by directly controlling the team structure and project flow. Benefits of hiring developers can save you cost of staff, equipment and business risk elimination.