Scopic Services provides cutting edge software development services by professional expertise team to translate client's idea into reality. From the conceptual phase to product release, we maintain high quality standards.

Requirement Analysis
We start with analysis of customer’s business needs to determine scope of work and provide time frame to customer. During brief analysis we explore all the possibilities of design and development, user friendly structure, light weight design and many more aspects.

Development plan
Once we finalized scope, we divide project scope into milestones and further into deliverable as per priority, define communication channel with customer. Our transparent process made customer aware of the Milestone and Deliverables to check on the progress of project.

Design & development
Our experienced design team will make a custom website design for your business followed by the project management personnel to develop the detailed wireframes, application architecture, database design, test strategy for project. We keep updating customer on regular interval for all the progress going on in both the design and development and make sure we are meeting customer expectation and business needs.

Once design and architecture design put in place, our development team will start coding with define coding standard to move to building the solution. The project manager takes care of project goals, mid demo to customer and make sure the development is in good progress to complete on define time milestone with desire quality.

Testing & QA
We take Testing of the application very seriously, while development, developers do unit testing by them self which includes inputs, process, expected outputs and perform unit test as per unit testing guidelines. Before we launch your application, our quality assurance team completely tests all of its features and make sure as per scope, browser compatibility, devices compatibility, etc. and assure to deliver final product as per the expected quality and deliver as customer's dream product.

UAT & Deployment
After testing by our internal team, we assure to deliver final product as per the expected quality and have the client’s acceptance of delivered product.

Once we receive your final approval, we will upload the system to the live server and make sure after deploying on live server, everything works perfectly. If required then our team can demonstrate to customer's internal staff.

Support & Maintenance
After deploying the website on customer’s server, our team will give tremendous support to make sure customer's project running smoothly. Scopic Services providing support period as per initial agreement and if any issue occur in support period we do resolve without any charges.

We also provide maintenance and enhancement services to customer and our team will help you for your future enhancement as per customer's need.